The Most Blessed Event; Sri Vyasa-puja


His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada’s Appearance Day Homage

by Vyasasan das

Dear Srila Prabhupada

On this most blessed and auspicious day, the celebration of your appearance; Sri Vyasa-puja, please accept my most humble obeisance’s at your divine lotus feet, and kindly forgive my offences.

On my 21st birthday I shaved my head, put on tilak and a dhoti for the first time.  It was the day I decided to become a devotee with the hope of someday becoming your disciple.  On the very first day of my adult life I surrendered to your instructions, following the four regulative principles and trying to chant 16 rounds of japa a day, with the hopes of someday becoming a worthy disciple.  And in spite of my shortcomings, within a year, you initiated me and gave me the name Vyasasan das.

The Vyasasana is the sacred seat of Srila Vyasadeva, who is the original Spiritual Master because he compiled and disseminated the Vedic knowledge, and you are the bona-fide representative of Srila Vyasadeva.  Therefore according to the Vedic system, on the birthday of the spiritual master the disciples and followers offer homage to you, by writing and speaking about your glories.  This is the meaning of Vyasa Puja.

For my entire adult life, you have been my constant companion.  People, friends, family, loved ones, have come and gone, through the course of my life, but you have remained the one constant in my life,  It is my realization that in this life your are my dear most friend, my constant companion, my teacher, spiritual master, and above all my ever well wisher.

In one letter you had written to Janardana in 1968, Srila Prabhupada you had this to say:

“…Anyone who comes to me for my help or wants to advance in Krishna Consciousness, and whom I initiate and accept as my disciple, I must pray for him and his welfare always…I write at the end of my letters to my disciples, “Your ever well-wisher”, and as such I cannot become otherwise than being ever well-wisher to my disciples, even though he may leave me”.

Although I may have at times left you, when I failed to follow your instructions, it was with deep humility that I realize that you have never left me.  A son may leave the shelter of his father, but he never ceases to be the son of that father.  It is your causeless mercy that you remain ever faithful to your sincere disciples.

On this most blessed day I pray to Srimati Radharani, that I may someday become a worthy disciple.

Thank you Srila Prabhupada

Your insignificant disciple

Vyasasan das